A bay window is a great window unit to add depth and sill surface to a room. Available in double hung or casement stylization for the vents while the center glass is a picture window, it is a great addition to the front of the home, as well as living and dining rooms.    

The bow window is the modern take on the classic bay window.  It allows for the sleek look that the casement style provides with a smaller window sill than the traditional bay.

A garden window is a great option for plant lovers. It allows sunlight to enter the home while still allowing for necessary ventilation. These are typically installed in kitchens, sunrooms or  near your favorite sitting room chair.

This window combines the look of a picture window with the functionality of an outswing entry door to make for a sleek, modern look on your home.  This coupled with a screen is the go-to window for homeowners that want to make their home into a “house of glass” while maintaining the option for ventilation.

Ease of use is a feature that allows this style of window to become a great window for large openings. It can also serve as a convenient window above the kitchen sink or anywhere that requires easy operation and quick accessibility. The performance of the window is not changed from the double hung - just its orientation.

Tilt-in-to-clean features make this one of the most popularly used configurations of all window styles.  With vent latches and half-screens as a standard, the option to allow fresh air into your home is always there.


Energy Efficiency, Value, Performance and Beauty define the entire extent of our high-performance windows. Not only manufactured in the U.S.A. but right here in Ohio, our windows support our local economy as well as keep Ohio workers working.



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